Chikankari Suits

Everything You Need to Know About Chikankari Suits

The chikankari suit also called the chikan or zari suit, is an indigenous garment worn by women in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. In addition to its functionality as clothing, it has also become a valuable form of art and heritage that can be proudly displayed and passed down through generations. If you’re in the market for online chikankari suits or are interested in learning more about these unique garments, here’s what you need to know about the chikankari suit and how to choose the best one for you.  

What do you need to know about chikankari suits?

Whether you are looking for a new chikan Kari suit, Here's all you need to know about how to care for your chikan Kari dress, whether you need guidance on what color looks best on you or simply have questions about how to care for your chikan Kari dress. We will tell you what you need to know about chikan Kari suits.. What exactly is a chikan Kari suit? A chikan Kari suit (also known as embroidered clothing) is an Indian outfit that has been traditionally worn by women in India since ancient times. The garment features intricate designs created using traditional hand-embroidery techniques called chikankari. It’s similar to zardozi, which uses gold thread instead of silver thread to create patterns in clothes. What do they look like? Chikan Kari suits come in various styles, but all feature unique floral motifs. They are often brightly colored and feature red, green, blue, and yellow hues. Typically made up of cotton fabric, chikan Kari dresses also come with dupattas that can be used to cover one’s head during religious ceremonies or parties. These outfits can be worn either on their own or paired with other outfits such as Chikankari pants & plazzos depending on individual preferences. Chikankari Cotton Suit


Chikankari cotton suit - best summer attire

Most importantly, when it comes to the chikan suit's latest design, it is necessary that you select cotton or cotton silk fabric. The attire in pure-cotton fabric looks classy and elegant and goes with any other accessory or footwear. For women with thin physiques, delicate designs in moderate size work best. Choose your favorite color that makes you feel comfortable. If you’re looking for ethnic wear designs online check out some of our collections at Adah Bespoke and buy it from anywhere at any time! we will always be there to help you. Be confident while walking down on a ceremony, party, or any special occasion by wearing one of these attractive yet fashionable Chikankari suits! Feel free to explore various options before buying chikankari suits online. Summer can be an exciting time as far as fashion is concerned and if you wish to look beautiful then nothing can beat chikankari suits specially designed for summers.


How many sittings does it take to create one chikankari suit?

Typically, it takes three sittings for a chikankari suit—each ranging from 10 to 12 hours. The first sitting is spent designing and stitching on a plain fabric, which serves as your base layer. In the second sitting, an embroiderer will work on it and create chikankari designs. In the third and final sitting, every material will be brought back and assembled into one glorious garment by a tailor or stitcher. Chikankari suits are created in different parts of India like MumbaiDelhiLucknow, and Rajasthan, and because each suit is handmade, every single design has its own unique story! Many women are shy about wearing ethnic wear: However, there are several reasons why you should definitely give them a try! Chikan suits exude elegance and sophistication; additionally, these pieces tend to stand out in social settings because of their intricate patterns and bright colors. Chikankari Cotton Suit ( Jaali )



Best online options available to buy Chikankari suits now.

There are many online stores offering some good options of designer chikan suits online now. But If you are looking for a shop that provides authentic handmade chikankari at a more reasonable price than its competitors then the best online store for you is Adah Bespoke, note that they provide free shipping in India. Chikankari cotton suits also look very elegant and classy when paired with accessories like chikan dupattas or chikankari pants. The latest designs in these ethnic outfits like chikankari saree, chikanakri Kurti, and chikankari dupatta, will surely make heads turn. The best part is that they are available at affordable prices at Adah Bespoke. So if you want to own an exclusive ethnic wear outfit but don’t want to spend too much on it, then buying a chikan suit online at Adah Bespoke is your best bet!
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